Food Tray Seal Packing Machine


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Brand Greendale
Capacity 5cp

Two Portion Tray Sealing Machine manufacturer & expoters serves Bengaluru Delhi Noida Chennai Mumbai Bihar Jammu M.P Gujarat Gurugram


  • Stainless Steel Frame Digital Power Controller Casted Heater Mould One Side All Side Cutting With Seal Easy Peel-off Heater (w) 400-600
  • Suitable For Dry Food Sweets Sealing Speed 300-400
  • Pack/hr
  • Machine Size 460x270x260(l.w.h.)
  • Machine Weight 14.900kg/approx Film Size- 200mm,220mm
  • Tray Size- 142×190 Mm
  • Volume- 2 Portion Tray.
  • Ideal For ?rajma Chawal, Chole Chawal, Bhature Chole, ?chinese Food, Idli Shambar , Biryani, , Frozen Foods Etc



Food Meal Tray Sealing Machines online price in India

We offer a wide range of “Food Meal Tray Sealing Machines” for ready meals and “food packaging machine” as per their specifications and requirements. Our designed manual type “meal tray sealing machine” is available in various advanced features that make them widely popular among customers. As food packaging